The Time Bag (story), 54pg.


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Murat Sayın

Grades: Elementary School Grade 3

Grade 4


There are five stories in the book: Piggybank, Kadison, Letter From Whom?, The Time Bag, The Snow Sailboat. In all five stories, the heroes of the stories, throw life sometimes laughters, sometimes tears. A radio lamp saying "follow the sounds", the ones who pursue their dreams with the snow sailboats when the snow closes all the roads, the olive-eyed village children, tiny Tina's poignant story of her grandfather who is a veteran of the War of Independence have something to tell the kids. Leaving their eyes and hearts free, the readers follow the heroes of the stories and will think and learn that the truth is more than it appears. Mavisel Yener puts in front of the reader the observations from different geographies and photos, leaves everything to the reader’s assessment.


Themes: Communication with the elderly, genealogical research, Individual and Society, Hope, Love, Respect the past, friendship, sharing, making discoveries, creativity.

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