1. Skeleton of The Lost Library

(Selected for the international anthology)

2- Living Deads

3- Mouse Palace (In 2017 Publishing Program)


Mavisel Yener- Aytül Akal

Illustrated by Saadet Ceylan

Tudem Publishing / 2014 / 8+


Turkish children's and youth literature’s competent writers, Mavisel Yener and Aytul Akal’s co-authored The Skeleton of the Lost Library is included in the international anthology.

The book's main character Ceylan and her friends are holding a magnifying glass to the secrets of history by making new discoveries in the Ephesus ancient city, in the mysterious passage from the world-wide known historic Selsus Library leading to the Amphitheatre. Who are the people called “living dead”? Even though they died thousands of years ago, will they live forever with their stories in Ephesus? The book Living Dead invites the readers to an adventure full of history, mystery, curiosity, and excitement. The book, which was written with a unique fiction and language by the two authors, also leads the readers to question the human values.

*The book is among the seven titles which were included in the March 2015 “Found in Translation Anthology”.


Achievements: Love, Friendship, Love of Animals, History Awareness, Emotional Education, Values ​​Education

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