1- THE MESSIES- Dangerous Monkey

2- THE MESSIES- Crocodile Pool

3- THE MESSIES- Looney Laws


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by Dorukhan Özcan

Grades: Elementary Grade 3

Elementary Grade 4


You will read the exciting series, The Messies, from the powerful pen of the children and youth literature, many award-winning author, Mavisel Yener. Dear reader, you may want to change all the names in the book or you can read the text without touching any name in the book. Dowdy Town may be very far away where you live or, so close to ... the inhabitants of the Dowdy Town are in trouble. The dark forces who are doing their best to bury them into the past, are in charge. What happens to the societies which have forgotten about their history? In these books, there are strange and funny things.


Achievements: Research, History of Consciousness, Scientific Look, Owning our cultural assets, Friendship, Teamwork.

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