The MAD CLASS SERIES (5 books)

The Mad Class PIRATES TEAM (Novel)

The Mad Class MAD TOWN (Novel)

The Mad Class DINOSAUR TEAM (Novel)

The Mad Class SECRETS TEAM (Novel)

The Mad Class ATLANTIS TEAM (Novel)


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by Dorukhan Özcan

Grades: Elementary Grade 3

Elementary Grade 4


Children literature’s prolific, award-winning author Mavisel Yener, in her The Mad Class series, appeals to the children who are interested in research. In the book Pirates team, the children meet Piri Reis (famous Ottoman Admiral, birth:1465) and go on a fun journey to the depths of history, in the book Mad Town, the children are witnessing a breathtaking adventure in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. While the children are learning the Anatolian Civilizations through an entertaining fiction, they are sailing on a thrilling read. In Dinosaur Team, they reveal the secret of a dinosaur fossil, claimed to be 125 million years old. The Mad Class Series, besides the gripping adventures, with the embroidered messages between the lines, allow teachers, who wish to take advantage of literature’s power to support to the other subjects, to talk and discuss with students.


Achievements: Research, History of Consciousness, Scientific Look, Owning our cultural assets, Friendship, Teamwork.

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