Socks Monster (Story Humor) 65 pg.


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Murat Sayın

Grades: Elementary School Grade 1

Grade 2


The book includes nine stories: Socks Monster, Who is Naughty?, the child who looks for his tooth, the aliens came to us, The Fish House, Princess, Chocolate Rabbit, Finger Count. The warm and entertaining stories from Mavisel Yener, who makes us feel the strong breath of story in our children’s literature. Her stories, in which our children will find parts of their life experiences, cite the observations from the realistic perspective, the problems at home, at school, on the street they encounter, novelties and quests. Coloured with puns and idioms, the stories enrich the readers’ language, narrative and imagination and create the excitement to write stories.


Achievements: Solidarity, Brotherhood, Friendship, Family, Fine Arts, Maths, Everyday Life, Earth-Space, Love

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