Puzzled Poetry (Poetry) 78 pg.


Mavisel Yener- Aytül Akal, Illustrated by Murat Sayın

Grades: Elementary School Grade 1

Grade 2


The co-authered book of poems that carries Mavisel Yener and Aytul Akal's signature. The book includes poems which make the children meet the various images and the forms of articulation, make them feel their mother tongues’ utterance possibilites.

It is a kind of book which the children can add to their life with joy and makes them love the poetry.


Achievements: the love of Poetry, empathy, tolerance, self-knowledge, environmental awareness, animal love, emotions, language sensitivity, Finding Implicit Meanings, Family love, world-universe, Share, Journey, Rhymes, Idioms, Fine Arts, Our Values, Individual and Society .

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