Twins Start School

Dog-lover Cat

What Do Parrots Eat?

Piano Playing Cat

Wizard Dinosaur


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Serap Deliorman

Grades: Pre-school

Elementary Grade1


Mavisel Yener’s book, written for the preschool children, Pear Head Family consists of six family members. The twins, a boy and a girl, the father Pear head, the mother Pear Head and their cats Pupu and Yuyu. In the series’ book Dog-lover Cat, Yuyu has already started the birthday preparations for Pupu. Pupu is making a list of the friends to invite the birthday party; 'Rake, Ruffles, Shaky, Woofy'.The last name in the list makes the mother cat Yuyu surprised. Because Pupu wants to invite to the birthday party a dog friend! We will see who is right, the mother saying” can dogs be friends?”, or Pupu. Mavisel Yener, in her book, examines the subject; acceptance of diversity. In the book Wizard Dinosaur makes the children think about how wrong is to tell lies. What Do the Parrots Eat? leads the curious kids to research. Piano Playing Cat begins with Pupu’s piano concert, there is uproar at home! In the book Twins Start School, twins’ first day at school is told. We wonder where Pupi disappears because Pupi goes to school along with them. The children readers will like to paint the fairy tale characters at the last pages.

Serap Deliorman’s charming lines bring joy to the each book in the series where a different adventure is hidden.


Achievements: Friendship, Devotion, Games, Animal love, Family, not to tell lies, Music Love, Emotions, acceptance of differences, first day at school.

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