1- Naughty Dog Paw

2. Cream Waffles for Dogs

3- Flute Player Dog

4- Terrible Shadow

5- What did the Teacher Bring to the Classroom?


Mavisel Yener- Aytül Akal

Illustrated by Saadet Ceylan

Tudem Publishing / 2014 / 8+


Mavis is seven years old, very cute, a little curious and highly intelligent girl. A little naughty, a little voracious, and quite naughty Paw is her best friend. This couple is always in trouble!

Although Paw ruins Mavis’ planned birthday party, eats all paint tubes, fills all the dirty socks into the Mavis’ bag, they love each other. Firstly, Mavisel Yener saw Paw in her dream. After pouring into words, became a series of five books. Are you ready for fun, with cute, emotional, mischievous and crazy dog, Paw?


Achievements: Love, Friendship, Love of Animals, History Awareness, Emotional Education, Values ​​Education

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