Hard Candy Caramel (Story) 104 pg.


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Murat Sayın

Grades: Elementary School Grade 3, Grade 4

Secondary School Grade 1 (Grade 5)


One of the most important names in the field of children's literature Mavisel Yener ‘s story Hard Candy Caramel took place in the Turkish Language textbooks, too. The book with the same name, welcomes thirteen more stories. The main characters of the stories are selected through the life stories of the readers so they can easily establish identification. It is a kind of book which contributes to understand life, ourselves and the other people, enriches our experience, and popularizes the genre. The stories with their fiction and language, and with the careful balance of the didactic features and the sincere narration are extremely palatable.


Achievements: self-knowledge, to establish empathy, environmental consciousness, feelings, nature and the universe, commitment to values, communication within the family, love of the siblings

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