Full Moon Detectives 1- Seeking the Clues (novel)

Full Moon Detectives 2- Terror Letters (novel)

Full Moon Detectives 3- The Mummy Store (novel)

Full Moon Detectives 4 -Terrible Chess (novel)

Full Moon Detectives 5- Deads’ Forest (novel)

Full Moon Detectives 6- Bat Races (novel)


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Murat Sayın


Grades: Elementary School Grade 4

Secondary Grade 1 (Grade 5)

Secondary Grade 2 (Grade 6)

Secondary Grade 3 (Grade 7)


The children’s literature’s prolific and the many award-wining writer Mavisel Yener, in the Full Moon Detectives Series, offers six books for the kids who love the detective novels; Seeking the Clues, Terror Letters, The Mummy Store, Terrible Chess, Deads’ Forest, Bat Races.

Ece, Birce, Oguz, Bilgecan and Ada are adventerous, excited, daring, and social five young people who love each other. They are in pursuit of a new mystery in each book. The writer, while telling about these young people’s adventures in Full Moon Detectives Series, she takes a different location as a background with its historical richness and texture in each book. Mrs.Yener, gradually unveils the mystery which hides the events and solves it based on the evidence, while getting benefit from the functional elements that increases the excitement dose. The author’s fluent and pure Turkish is praise-worthy. Mavisel Yener knows how to feel the pulse of the children and the young readers, in the Full Moon Detectives Series, she borrows the places from the real life, blends real and dream. Being high-paced, surprising and in cause and effect relationship encourages reasoning, the Series offers a viable option to read.

Full Moon Detectives Series, take readers seriously with a plot enforcing analytical thinking, readers also took it seriously, and put the Series among the best-selling books.


Achievements: Research, curiosity, emotions, friendship, friendship, family, our cities, historical awareness, diversity, Prejudices.

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