Don’t Go, You Don’t Return (story / YOUTH) 103 pg. (AWARD WINNING STORY -2005)


Mavisel Yener

Classes: Secondary School Grade 4(Grade 8)

High School Grade 1 (Grade 9)

High School Grade 2 (Grade10)


The all fourteen stories in the book, are essentially about separation, tell the farewells mixed with pain. The first story of the book, Apartment Building Fortress is told through the eyes of a child. The author even makes the brutal massacre that occurred at the end humane. Methane gas, Sweeper’s eyes, Livera, Purify are powerful stories about the miners’ gloom. The story, Sweeper’s Eye won the first prize at “Abdullah Baştürk Workers Stories Competition” (2005). The author's mastery in handling the themes, in addition to the richness of language and expression, comes from deep understanding of social life and values, which is the sign of her competence.


Achievements:Our emotions, joy and love of reading stories, aesthetic perception, linguistic Depth

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