Who does my Homework?

I have Forgotten, my Teacher

Chaos in the Classroom

The Lion in the Clasroom

Treasury in the Bag


Mavisel Yener , Illustrated by:Ayda Ataman Kantar

Grades: Elementary Grade1

Elementary Grade2


Clown School Series consists of five books. The books, will strengthen the skills of the children who have learned reading recently and will help them to be self-confident and happy readers. Pinpin is one of students in the Clown School. We will sometimes have fun and laugh with Pinpin and his friends, sometimes we will feel moved. Pinpin, like every child, is fun, cute, little lazy, naughty but affectionate. He loves his family, his school, and his friends. He is a hectic and colorful clown. "Once upon a time. Those who have read the story pass the class. Pinpin heard this, let’s see what he has done? begins the stories like this, in the books even the mishaps happen to Pinpin are fun.


Achievements: Love of Reading, Doing Homework Awareness, Teamwork, Friendship, Emotions, Solidarity, Courage, Friendship, Creativity, Interest to art.

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