Bone Idle (Humor - Story) 140 pg.


Mavisel Yener, Illustrated by: Murat Sayın

Grades: Elementary School Grade 3

Grade 4


Master storyteller Mavisel Yener’s, Children's Literature Humor Stories Award-winning book Bone Idle includes eighteen stories. Written with a smooth, simple language and successful fiction, the stories make the readers smile, while smiling make them learn and while learning make them think. In the mirror of literature, through the stories, children can know themselves, and their society, and can empathize more easily. The stories, which fermented with aesthetic pleasure and thoughts, appeal to the children’s imagination, feelings, thinking abilities and call them to fun reading experience. The book itself is an award for the children who aren’t idle enough to read it!


Themes: self-knowledge, understanding others, animal Love, environmental consciousness, our customs, language awareness, love of music, domestic healthy communication, school life, teacher-student communication, accurate journalism, communication with the elderly

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